War In Ukraine. Daily update. Days 1-3 [26.02.22, 12:00🇬🇧]

General situation overview

Ukraine stands strong as never before and resists active military attacks from the North, East and South. Two days since the start of the war, heavy shelling continues across Ukraine directing not only critical infrastructure but also civilians.

The President’s Office informed that the Russian Armed Forces have not gained any operational and tactical advantage over the past 24 hours. All regional centres are under Ukrainian control despite an active offensive from the Russian side.

Zelensky called on the EU to support Ukraine with a decision on membership prospects and continued active negotiation with the international partners.

What is needed now:

  • banning Russia from the SWIFT system;
  • continue sanctions with immediate effect;
  • cut of diplomatic ties with Russia;
  • military support of Ukraine;
  • NATO protecting the UA sky.

Situation Kyiv and in the regions:

Kyiv stands! Russian troops were actively shelling Kyiv during Feb 25 and active advancement of Russian troops took place early Saturday. Ukrainian Armed Forces together with territorial defense units were actively fighting in the area of Beresteiska metro station – Russian tanks and cars were detonated. Heavy fights, explosions in some areas – another apartment block with the civilians was hit by the bomb today around 8 am in Kyiv. Metro stations are temporarily closed, serving as temporary shelters for people.

Kyiv region – after heavy fights Vasylkiv remained under UA control. Active fights developed around Bucha, Irpin and Hostomel. Cities remain under UA control. Orphanage in the city of Vorzel, Kyiv region was shelled from BM-21 “Grad”, while children were inside, as well as a kindergarten in Ohtyrka, Sumy region.

Chornobyl power plant remains under Russian control, which carries a massive environmental threat to the whole of Europe, in case further shootings continue. The enemy attacked Sumy region, Chernihiv regions, and Russian troops tried to take over the cities, but both cities are under control.

The Russian troops fired at Kharkiv from the AFV/”hail”, one of the shells got stuck right in the middle of the road. Regular air raids take place, people remain in shelters.

Kherson, Mykolaiv, Odesa are priority cities for Russian cities in order to increase their access to the sea. Mariupol is under heavy attack. Island Zmiinyi was returned to UA control after being sieged by Russian troops, while 13 UA soldiers were killed.

While shelling continues people all across Ukraine hide in the shelters and children are born there.

Follow live map to see the scale of attacks.

Local authorities call to cover and mask the signs on the roads and the streets as they serve as identifiers for the Russian army at night.

Disinformation keeps rolling out referring to the potential escape of President Zelenskyi or sharing information about hacking/checking of different messengers. Both are fake.

Within 2 days Russia lost 14 planes, 8 helicopters, 102 tanks, 536 AFV, 15 ordnance, the Buk missile system, 3500 RU soldiers killed and 200 taken as hostages.

How to support Ukraine:

Here you can read more about your support and charities in Ukraine.

Join the demonstration in your city, write a petition or a letter to your MP to demand immediate action on Russia. Demand:

  • The toughest sanctions and all support possible are needed now to help Ukraine and stop Russia.
  • Russia’s banning of SWIFT.
  • Support to defend Ukraine’s airspace.

Join an international information campaign

directed to Western leaders, post your messages with hashtags #BanRussiafromSwift #CloseTheSky #SendNatoToUkraine. Read more about the campaign here.

If you have family, friends in Russia – call them and ask them to go on the streets and protest.

Only demonstrations and opposing Putin’s war can be stopped.

Fact-check and spread accurate information.

Russia is an aggressor state that has invaded Ukraine, the Russian army is killing civilians. Social media, including Twitter, Telegram and Facebook are flooded with fake information, please fact check.

Glory to Ukraine!


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