Ukrainian Civil Society Representatives Launched a Multilingual War Daily Update Project to Spread Information around the World

On February 24, 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine by launching a full-scale invasion to the territory of the independent state, denying Ukraine’s right for sovereignty and territorial integrity. Heavy shelling is destroying infrastructure and civilian lives every single day. At the same time, a huge wave of disinformation about the war in Ukraine spreads across the globe. What we observe these days is a hybrid war, where along with military activities, active disinformation attacks people regardless of the borders. Information resistance is a part of our daily work for freedom, democracy, and truth. 

Starting from the very first day of the full-scale war, a team of Ukrainian civil society professionals and activists launched an online resource https://sharethetruths.org/ with daily updates about key developments related to the Russia-Ukraine war.

We believe that fact and evidence-based information is a powerful tool in resisting, especially in this very complex hybrid war. 

Our project analyzes the war in Ukraine through the human security lens. Security of the country and its citizens includes physical security, as well political, economic, and environmental, security of communities, etc, as well as health care, law enforcement. The daily briefs present a condensed overview of the main developments of the last 24 hours from the perspective of political, socio-economic, energy, digital, and cultural security.

On a daily basis, we analyze all major independent Ukrainian media, recognized international media outlets, as well as official reports of international and Ukrainian institutions, and NGOs for the key developments in Ukraine and globally. We include information only from the verified accounts cross-checked between different resources.

The information provided by the https://sharethetruths.org/ is condensed and fact-checked. During the first 3 days the project team managed to engage around 20 volunteers who edit and translate the daily updates to 15+ languages, as well as support us with dissemination. 

‘Every day we prepare and disseminate these updates among our international partners, colleagues, and friends to keep them informed about the ongoing situation, achievements, needs, and challenges Ukrainians’ are facing right now,’ Sofia Oliynyk, project co-founder.

‘During almost 2 weeks of the war more than 40.000 people from 90 countries from all five continents followed our updates. We also know that our readers print out the updates and distribute them in their neighborhoods, in offices, and even bring them to birthday parties,’ – says Maryana Zaviyska, project co-founder. 

How do people use these updates?

  • Read and share with friends and neighbors to understand the situation better;
  • Share with media in respective country and call to disseminate information further;
  • Print it out and disseminate as a flier during rallies which support Ukrainians;
  • Share with friends and colleagues in Russia and Belarus and call them to protest against war in Ukraine and the authoritarian Putin regime.

These updates are prepared by representatives of Ukrainian NGOs and experts in human security and democracy, who are in cities all over Ukraine right now. 

NGOs: Institute for political and information research NGO, World of Communities, Kyiv educational center Tolerspace, U-Cycle NGO (Kyiv Cyclists Association), Open Space Works Cooperative


  • Oksana Aliieva – Energy Policy Factsheet
  • Sofia Bela – Culture heritage Block;
  • Olga Bizrul – Culture factsheet;
  • Iryna Holovko – Nuclear Security Factsheet;
  • Uliana Movchan – Disinformation Block and Factsheet;  
  • Julia Zaplavna – Cyber Factsheet ; 
  • Mariia Serhiiko – Cyber Factsheet;
  • Anna Dovha – Project Intern, Daily Briefs (July-August 2022)

Volunteer translators:

  • Adam Something    and    his    team    of    volunteer    translators, Hungarian
  • Andres Izarra, Spanish                       
  • Andrii Berezovskyi, Swedish           
  • Anita, Latvian     
  • Chaim-Pesach Allardice, Yiddish                  
  • Daria Gorina, Japanese                       
  • Daria Kutova, Chinese (中文)                   
  • Dmytro Shostak, Japanese                       
  • Inna Kotenko, Japanese                       
  • Iryna Krytsun, Romanian       
  • Jaap Tanja, Dutch               
  • Jana Bekeová, solidarity activist from Czech Republic, Czech   
  • Julia Zaplavna, Russian                       
  • Liia Rida,    Arabic                       
  • Ljubica Kosheliuk, Croatian                       
  • Lucie Hradecka, Czech                       
  • Milan Bogdanovic, Serbian                       
  • Nana Chigoga, Georgian                       
  • Solidarity activists from Switzerland, German               
  • Solidarity activist from Belarus, French               
  • Svitlana Urum, Turkish                       
  • Tina Bushuieva, Italian                       
  • Valerie Stojan, Czech                       
  • Vlad Taushan, Greek                       
  • Vladyslav Toporov, French   
  • Yulia Cladco, Hebrew

Editors’ team: Maryana Zaviyska, Sofia Oliynyk, Taras Tymchuk, Anna Dovgopol

Text editing: Khrystyna Hevko, Anna Beloshytska 

Designers: Stas Mishchenko, Olena Marchyshyna


Institute for Political and Information Research

ГО “Інститут політико-інформаційних досліджень”

ЄДРПОУ 34021348

E-mail: editor@sharethetruths.org 


How to support the project and our work?

We accept donations via

The project is supported by Heinrich Boell Foundation, Kyiv office, Ukraine. The support includes the preparation of the daily briefs, articles, and leaflets. The views and the opinions reflected in the materials are of those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the Heinrich Boell Foundation, Kyiv office, Ukraine.