How to support Ukraine

Humanitarian aid:
  • The Ukrainian Humanitarian Fundraising Account. An official national account that streamlines the humanitarian funds to Ukrainians affected by the war. 
  • Vostok SOS. A non-governmental organization helping to find shelter for internally displaced persons, evacuating people from the conflict zone, collecting and distributing humanitarian aid to IDPs in Kyiv, delivering humanitarian aid to front-line settlements, and providing psychological first aid.
  • Razom. A community of volunteers and collaborators across the US and Ukraine, who raise funds to provide medical supplies and other humanitarian aid.
  • Nova Ukraine. A non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about Ukraine in the US and throughout the world and providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine.
  • United Help Ukraine. A charitable organisation focusing on the delivery of medical supplies, personal protective, medical, and survival equipment, humanitarian aid.
Military aid:
  • Armed Forces of Ukraine. An official fundraising account created by NBU to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. All collected funds are directed to enhance Ukraine’s defense capability: weapons, equipment, food, medicine, and other supplies.
  • Come Back Alive.  The Foundation stands with the Ukrainian Armed Forces by funding defensive initiatives with technology, training, and ammunition during the war. After the war, the Foundation provides psychological and reintegration support to former militaries.
  • Prytula Foundation. The Foundation of the Serhii Prytula operates purchasing equipment, equipment, medical supplies and vehicles for the military. Another area of our work is humanitarian aid.
  • Kolo.  Emergency purchase of the essential equipment for Ukrainian soldiers in hot spots: helmets and body armor, satellite phones and tactical radio equipment, quadcopters, thermal imagers, and sights.
  • Help the Front.  Emergency purchase of the essential equipment for Ukrainian soldiers in hot spots: helmets and body armor, satellite phones and tactical radio equipment, quadcopters, thermal imagers, and sights.
  • Ukrainian Women’s Guard. Ukrainian voluntary women’s organization, emerged in 2014 with the beginning of the Russo-Ukrainian war and began its activity with mass premedical training for women, it is combination of psychological and psychiatric training. Since 2014 more than 30,000 women across Ukraine passed our training.
Healthcare support:
Grassroot initiatives:
  • City of Goodness (Chernivtsi). The NGO supports women with children and the elderly from all over the country at their centre, who flee from the war. In addition, the Foundation supports children’s hospitals and poor families across the country. Thousands of children with difficult diagnoses were left alone with their plight during wartime. 
  • NGO ‘Halabuda (Mariupol- Zaporizhzhia). Before the war the organisation was one of the most active organizations dealing with social initiatives, education, social business, etc. Havined fled from the war, the NGO has oriented their efforts on evacuation, humanitarian aid for those who escaped, as well as support to the local army.
  • NGO “Zgraya” (Kyiv) is a group of volunteers who worked with the military in the East of Ukraine in 2014-2015. They have resumed their work helping civilians and hospitals with medicine and equipment, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the territorial defense with equipment, machinery, medicine and food. Find out more and support them. 
  • Port Frankivsk (Ivano-Frankivsk) delivers gear (e.g. bulletproof vests, drones, thermal vision systems, etc) to the hotspots like Mariupol and the frontline location.
  • “Kryivka Vilnykh” (Shelter of the Free) – a charitable organization that helps with humanitarian support and evacuation from hotspots in Kyiv and Chernihiv regions. Here are their bank account details
  • ‘Good Bread for Good People’ (Kyiv) Kyiv based bakery employs people with mental disabilities and provides bread for citizens of Kyiv, who stayed in the city.
  • HappyOld (Жизнелюб) (Kyiv) This charity provides older people across Ukraine with groceries and medicine. The Plast National Scout Organization of Ukraine. The organization provides support to the Ukrainian soldiers at the frontline, organizes and delivers humanitarian aid to those in need, as well as medical supplies to the hospitals. Check their latest activity report.

Here you can read more about your support and charities in Ukraine.

Animals rescue initiatives
  •  UAnimals animal rights organization rescuing animals in Ukraine. 

Purchase Ukrainian brands via Spend With Ukraine to Stand With Ukraine.

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Russia is an aggressor state that has invaded Ukraine, the Russian army is killing civilians. Social media, including Twitter, Telegram and Facebook are flooded with fake information, please fact check.

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