How to support Ukraine

National fundraising platform:
  • UNITED24 – a platform that collaborates with charities and partners worldwide, specializing on three directions of support: Defence and Demining, Medical Aid, or Rebuild Ukraine.
Humanitarian aid:
  • Razom. A community of volunteers and collaborators across the US and Ukraine, who raise funds to provide medical supplies and other humanitarian aid.
  • Nova Ukraine. A non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about Ukraine in the US and throughout the world and providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine.
  • Vostok SOS. Vostok SOS is a non-governmental organization helping to find shelter for internally displaced persons, evacuating people from the conflict zone, collecting and distributing humanitarian aid to IDPs in Kyiv, delivering humanitarian aid to front-line settlements, and providing psychological first aid.
  • Children of heroes. Charity fund with a long-term goal to help children who lost one or both parents during the Russian war in Ukraine
  • Organization that helps to provide Ukrainian defenders with proper equipment, clothing and footwear and provides humanitarian aid for civilians.
  • City of Goodness (Chernivtsi). The NGO supports women with children and the elderly from all over the country at their centre, who flee from the war. In addition, the Foundation supports children’s hospitals and poor families across the country. Thousands of children with difficult diagnoses were left alone with their plight during wartime. 
  • NGO ‘Halabuda’ (Mariupol- Zaporizhzhia). Before the war the organisation was one of the most active organizations dealing with social initiatives, education, social business, etc. Havined fled from the war, the NGO has oriented their efforts on evacuation, humanitarian aid for those who escaped, as well as support to the local army.
  • ‘Good Bread for Good People’ (Kyiv) Kyiv based bakery employs people with mental disabilities and in times of war also those who had to leave occupied territories. Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the bakery baked and distributed for free more than 300 000 loaves of bread. 
Military aid:
  • Hurkit Foundation established and supported by hbs Kyiv partners in urban development sector to support military who previously had activist background. 
  • Prytula Foundation. The Foundation operates purchasing equipment, medical supplies and vehicles for the military. 
  • Come Back Alive.  The Foundation stands with the Ukrainian Armed Forces by funding defensive initiatives with technology, training, and ammunition during the war. After the war, the Foundation provides psychological and reintegration support to former militaries.
  • Ukrainian Women’s Guard. Ukrainian voluntary women’s organization, emerged in 2014 with the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war and began its activity with mass premedical training for women, it is combination of psychological and psychiatric training. Since 2014 more than 30,000 women across Ukraine passed our training.
  • Ukrainian women veteran movement is a consolidation of female veterans, created to increase the opportunities for self-realization in the society. Its activities include advocacy and protection of the rights of women veterans and active military personnel, promotion of equal rights and opportunities through lawmaking and advocacy for a professional and prestigious security sector.
  • UA First Aid a local initiative from Kyiv that provides needed stocks for Ukrainian soldiers, mostly specializing on the tactical medicine and additional military equipment.
Healthcare support:
  • Medical battalion “Hospitallers”.  A volunteer organization of paramedics operating since 2014. The team provide medical aid in the hot spots. 
  • Leleka Foundation. Leleka Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2014. In the time of a full-blown Russia’s war against Ukraine in 2022, they are focused on the urgent delivery of critical medical supplies to Ukraine’s defenders and civilians. 
  • Okhmadyt. The biggest Kyiv-based children’s hospital, that is taking care of the wounded children.
Animals rescuing: 
  •  UAnimals is an animal rights organization rescuing animals from war in Ukraine.
Shopping from Ukrainian craftsmen:
  • Made with Bravery the official Ukrainian marketplace of different goods and gifts produced in Ukraine. 
  • Here and Now eco pottery by Yuliya Makliuk, Green Academy trainer and hbs long-term partner. Part of the profit goes for reconstruction needs of Irpin and support of armed forces.
  • Saint Javelin former journalist project that distributes profits to support rebuilind Ukraine and its humanitarian needs.
  • OLIZ silk scarfs and clothes. 50% from income goes to Ukrainian army and volunteers.

Fact-check and spread accurate information. 

Russia is an aggressor state that has invaded Ukraine, the Russian army is killing civilians. Social media, including Twitter, Telegram and Facebook are flooded with fake information, please fact check.

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