We stand in solidarity with the people of Georgia! 

Photo: Associated Press

Since yesterday we observe how people of Georgia went once again at the streets to show their determined desire for free democratic state and its further European integration. 

Yesterday the Parliament of Georgia passed a so called “foreign agents” bill in the first hearing while tens of thousands of people gathered outside of the Parliament building to protest. Riot police were immediately deployed on the streets using water cannons and pepper spray to clear the sides of the parliament. 

The  “foreign agents” bill aims to replicate similar law operating in Russia, which puts significant limitations on civil society as well as undermines democratic process in Georgia. The law is another example how Russia’s imperial ambitions aim to influence political processes in the neighborhood in order to strengthen its tight embrace. 

From the very first days of Russia’s full scale invasion of Ukraine, we felt immense support from the people of Georgia supporting Ukrainians. We are grateful for all the support in the information dissemination in the frame of our project, as well as to our Georgian translators.