The Two Russias: a Variety Turn at the Mariupol Drama Theatre 🇬🇧🇺🇦

In 2022, the Russian army wiped the Ukrainian city of Mariupol off the face of the earth. They indiscriminately destroyed residential quarters, industrial enterprises, and even a drama theatre. An aerial view of the theatre, with the word CHILDREN written in front of the building in huge block letters, circulated in U.S. and French media. That warning, though, didn’t stop the pilot from activating the launch button and bombing the theatre. He was just following orders, right?

War in Ukraine. Daily update. Day 133 [10.00 am, 6.07.2022 🇯🇵]

The Ukraine Recovery Conference concluded in Lugano, Switzerland with a joint declaration. The country representatives indicated their full commitment to support Ukraine throughout its path from early to long-term recovery, and linking this to Ukraine’s European perspective and EU candidate country status; encourage and welcome all commitments to provide coordinated political, financial and technical support to this end.